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Health Exercise Machine Spinning Bike For Homeuse

Health Exercise Machine Spinning Bike For Homeuse

Item no :BK-706 Flywheel weight:8kgs G.W/N.W.: 32/30kgs Assemblage size:120X50X102cm

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health exercise machine spinning bike for homeuse

Product Specification

Item no :BK-706

Flywheel weight:8kgs

Vertical/Horizontal adjustment of the Handlebar: 10CM-20CM.

Vertical/Horizontal adjustment of the Seat: 5-10CM

G.W/N.W.: 32/30kgs

Assemblage size:120X50X102cm

Carton size:112X24X82.5cm

Load 20GP/40HQ: 120/292pcs

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Product Feature

● Screw inspection: Because of long-term use, the number of bicycles will loosen the screws, so always check whether the screws in various parts of the car body are loose or fall off, and if the adjustment knobs are loosened, tighten them or replace them in time.

● Check the crank: If the crank is used for a long time, check whether the crank screw is loose, so that it can be reinforced in time.

● Pedal check: Due to frequent movements, the pedal must be checked for looseness between the pedal and the crank. It should be reinforced in time. The protective foot cover should be regularly checked for aging, so that it can be replaced in time.

● Maintenance of the dial: Keep the dial clean and tidy; replace the battery immediately after use to prevent oxidation of the battery and damage the dial.

● Maintenance of the cushion: Keep the cushion clean and dry.

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