Full Commercial Gym Spinning Bike

Full Commercial Gym Spinning Bike

Item no :BK-600 Flywheel weight:20kgs G.W/N.W.: 61/56kgs Load 20GP/40HQ:93/227pcs

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full commercial gym spinning bike

Product Specification

Item no :BK-600

Flywheel weight:20kgs

Vertical/Horizontal adjustment of the Handlebar: 10CM-20CM.

Vertical/Horizontal adjustment of the Seat: 5-10CM

G.W/N.W.: 61/56kgs

Assemblage size:148X56X120cm

Carton size:115X27X92cm

Load 20GP/40HQ:93/227pcs

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full commercial gym spinning bike

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Precautions for practicing spinning bikes:

1. For the first time to participate in the spinning class, you can set the goal to insist on completing the class. Slowly increase the intensity according to your own situation;

2. The correct bicycle setting is very important. If the seat position is too low, it will cause sore knees and other injuries. Before starting the brakes, please ask the coach to guide you how to set up the bicycle correctly;

3. Since the gear of the bicycle is round, the correct riding technique is: pay attention to the whole circle with the ankle;

4, most people used to step on their ankles when riding a bicycle, like to force down and rest upwards. In fact, pressing down on the ankle weakens the strength of the leg, calf, and biceps muscle tissue. The force transmitted while riding is reduced, and the thigh is particularly prone to fatigue, so the force is even.

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