Commercial Gym Dedicated Spinning Bike

Commercial Gym Dedicated Spinning Bike

Item no :BK-500 Flywheel weight: 13kgs G.W/N.W.: 45/43kgs

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commercial gym dedicated spinning bike

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Item no :BK-500

Flywheel weight: 13kgs

Vertical/Horizontal adjustment of the Handlebar: 10CM-20CM.

Vertical/Horizontal adjustment of the Seat: 5-10CM

G.W/N.W.: 45/43kgs

Assemblage size:112X56X120cm

Carton size:107X92X27.5cm

Load 20GP/40HQ:99/239pcs

Commercial exercise bike

Commercial aerobic bikes are durable and provide a smooth and comfortable workout experience. A variety of resistance levels and integrated entertainment systems provide superior customer experience for different levels of users. Exercise bikes are called "power bikes" in the sports science field. They are divided into two types: upright and back-to-back (also called horizontal) exercise bikes. They can adjust the intensity (power) during exercise and have a fitness effect. So people Call it a fitness bike. Aerobic fitness equipment that is typical of simulated outdoor sports is also known as cardio training equipment. Mainly through the body for a longer period of time, appropriate intensity of exercise to promote cardiovascular exercise, speed up the metabolism, enhance heart and lung function, thereby improving the body's constitution. Exercise bikes are typical aerobic fitness equipment that simulates outdoor sports (as opposed to anaerobic fitness equipment), also known as heart and lungs. Can improve the body's physique. Of course, there is also the consumption of fat, and long-term consumption of fat will have the effect of weight loss.

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