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Why I Don‘t Recommend Buying A Cheap Treadmill
- Mar 20, 2018 -

1. Poor quality, plastic gear

Material conservation. How much do you spend, you get the product, the treadmill is the same. External plastics, due to the visual influence of paint, it is difficult for users to see the quality of the product from the outside, but if you touch it or smell an odor, you will cry. Home treadmills need to ensure good carrying capacity and strength. Due to wear and wear, poor quality materials used on treadmill components can force the motor to overload, which can result in poor quality electronic components, including wires, that cannot withstand such a large degree of work. The appearance of work for a long time can cause burns and other phenomena. In addition, the high-priced treadmill wheels use steel bearing sleeves to prevent wear. Cheap treadmills use plastic bearing bushings, which are prone to drag and even block bearing operation.

2. Smoothness is not enough, stability is not strong

Only use the treadmill for a while to find the advantages and disadvantages. Cheap treadmills will feel a little frustrated during use, just as the dual-clutch shifts are not smooth, and this sense of stagnation will lower the experience of the treadmill. At the same time, such a treadmill is not sufficient in stability, and if it is frequently used or used for a long time, it will cause more or less problems. The normal life of a home treadmill should be around 5 years, but a low-quality, low-cost treadmill can be problematic in less than a year. When will you be responsible?

3. Reduce safety or even increase risk

The treadmill technology is not good will have some harm to the body, but the user must buy a treadmill to do horizontal contrast. But if you use a bad treadmill, it will cause great damage.

①The first is basically no shock absorption technology. Without a shock absorber, the treadmill is not as good as a concrete floor, and the joints can be very powerful. Maybe you will run tonight and your knees will be swollen tomorrow.

②Followed by poor materials. Some poor plastic accessories not only look bad, but some even have radiation and a strong pungent odor, causing a drastic drop in the quality of the indoor environment, which is no different from you and your family.

③Finally, after-sales safety, low-cost treadmills tend to have huge sales, but the huge sales bring about a heavy after-sales problem, not to mention the quality of products is not high. Sellers often do a one-hit sale, as long as the money is in hand, control you after the sale? Even giving you something to do with wrangling, after-sales security is really scary.

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