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What Is The Difference Between Commercial And Home Treadmills
- Apr 07, 2018 -

1, different floor space

Commercial treadmills should be suitable for everyone, so the design is taller; home treadmills take into account the occupied area of the room, so they will be designed with folding function, but commercial treadmills are mostly non-foldable and bulky, and the structural design basically revolves around a key point. To be firm.

2, different carrying capacity

Carrying capacity refers to the maximum weight the body applies to the treadmill when running on a treadmill. The carrying capacity of home treadmills is generally within 130 kilograms. The capacity of commercial treadmills is larger than that of home treadmills and will reach 150-170kg.

3, the motor motor is different

In home treadmills, DC motors are generally used. DC motors cannot be operated continuously for a long time. Generally, the longest operating time is 90 minutes and the rest will be continued for half an hour; while commercial treadmills use AC motors, which can be long. The time keeps running. At the same time, the motor power of a commercial treadmill is large, generally at least 3p horsepower, but the power is also relatively relatively expensive, and the noise is also relatively large.

4, different running area

Since commercial treadmills need to meet various height groups, the running belts are relatively long and relatively wide. The general length is more than 150cm and the width is more than 55cm. The home treadmill is relatively low in terms of the width and width of the running belt, satisfying users. Requirements can be, generally within the width of 40cm-55cm, length 130cm or so. At the same time, the use frequency of commercial treadmills is relatively high, and the material requirements for accessories are also higher than that of households by one grade.

5, shape weight

Commercial treadmills used in a crowded environment seem to have a calm and open appearance, and are popular with the public. They do not have distinct characteristics and are simpler than home treadmills. On the contrary, home treadmills come in a variety of shapes and novelties that cater to different consumers' tastes. They can be used by a small crowd of people and added some unique features to certain treadmills.