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What Is Elliptical
- Apr 18, 2018 -

The ellipsometer is classified as an aerobic device and it has a good effect on cardiopulmonary exercise.

Main training muscles: front and rear thighs, hips, lumbar and back (core muscles), shoulder arm

The main forces of the ellipsometer muscles cover almost all of the body's large muscle groups, such as the legs, buttocks, core areas, and shoulder arms. Some people think that the ellipsometer does not seem to consume as much heat as a treadmill, but it is not. Aerobic exercise involves more and more muscle groups, and more energy and fat are needed. Therefore, ellipsometry is very powerful. Fat function.

Elliptical resistance selection

The combination of resistance and speed constitutes the strength of the ellipsometer, and is proportional to heart rate and intensity when aerobic. In order to achieve an ideal fat-reducing heart rate, a certain strength is required, but because of the difference in exercise capacity and elliptical machine specifications, there is no fixed resistance value and rate for reference. Everyone can try to adjust themselves.

A method to determine the appropriate heart rate - self-match with resistance and speed, to achieve a self-breath can only "strengthen a sentence" strength. This intensity is in line with the "legendary" best fat loss heart rate.

Slope selection

The difference in slope affects the overall feeling of force, and since the habits of each person's hair force are not the same, the specifications of the ellipsometer are not the same. Therefore, it is necessary to adjust the slope by yourself to find a gradient value where the hips are prone to exertion. However, the premise is to know how to use the hip, and then find a more suitable slope. In the coordination of hands and feet, gradually adjust the intensity, pay attention not to exceed 70% of the maximum heart rate (220-age) during exercise.

Duration selection

In the fat-reduction stage, it is recommended to do a 20 to 40-minute elliptical machine after strength training. The specific duration depends on strength training intensity and physical condition. If the strength training intensity is high and the physical state is normal, then the time is shorter, and vice versa. If you simply do aerobic and do not do strength, it is recommended a single 40 ~ 60min.