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Use Treadmill Lose Weight
- Apr 18, 2018 -

Warm up for 10 minutes into sports

Time: 1 minute - 10 minutes

Heart rate: (220-age) × 30%

Grade: 0°

Speed: 6 km/h - 7 km/h

Slowly go for 5 minutes first, and then gradually transition to the state of striding brisk walking, and the time to go is 5 minutes. The main purpose of the brisk walk is to make every muscle of the body participate in the movement through the large swing of the upper limbs and the movement of the thighs, and each nerve quickly enters into the movement state. In the joints of the limbs, there will be a certain amount of joint fluid as a lubricant. The large-span movement of the legs and the swinging upper limbs will strengthen the running-in of each joint of the limbs, allowing the synovial fluid to function better as a lubricant. At the same time, you also need to complete the warm-up phase to adjust your pace, posture, and breathing. If you make adjustments after the acceleration starts, you will find that high-speed running treadmills make your steps cramped and breathing disorder. In this case maybe You can't hold off running for a long time.

Jogging for 20 minutes activates every muscle

Time: 11th minute - 30th minute

Heart rate: (220-age) × 40%

Speed: 8 km/h - 10 km/h

Grade: 0°-10°

After about 10 minutes of warm-up, the body's muscles are activated, each nerve is in an excited state, and each cell is ready to wait for a sweat. When jogging, you must raise the slope of the treadmill to about 10°. Many people will misunderstand that the movement on a treadmill with a gradient will make the calf thick and the calf muscle will develop laterally. In fact, on the contrary, due to the slope For reasons, the calf muscles are pulled upwards, not only will not make the calf thicker, but will make the calf longer.

Run 20 minutes at medium speed

Time: 31 minutes - 50 minutes

Heart rate: (220-age)×60%

Speed: 10 km/h - 12 km/h

Grade: 0°-10°

After accelerating step by step, it is time to enter the middle speed race. The time and intensity of medium speed running should be guided by professional coaches. If the speed running can last for more than 15 minutes, it can fully achieve the purpose of physical fitness. This stage must pay attention to maintain the balance of the body, two hands and elbows to swing arm before and after the waist, speed up the breathing frequency, breathing should take the initiative, abdominal muscles actively participate in breathing, eyes straight ahead, head.

The middle speed running is the stage to enter the burning fat. After the first 20 minutes of exercise, the glycogen stored in the body has been decomposed. At this time, continuing the large amount of exercise requires accumulation of fat in the body to achieve the purpose of fat consumption. , It seems to feel how little fat from the abdomen, thighs and even the skin of the arm infiltration, how happy. At the same time, the continuous abdomen state of the abdomen from the start of running is very helpful for shaping the abdominal muscles, and it has a long-term effect.

Smooth slow down for 10 minutes

Time: 51 minutes - 60 minutes

Heart rate: (220-age) × 30%

Speed: 6 km/h

Grade: 30°-10°-0°

The end part should gradually reduce the running speed. From 8km/h to 6km/h to 3km/h, the slope slowly decreases from 30° to 10° for about 10 minutes. The rapid decrease in speed will immediately relax the whole body muscles. Sudden relaxation can only temporarily relieve fatigue, and after an instant relief, the whole body's soreness will make your muscles become lifeless. This time, we must ensure that the slope will increase. The stress of the motor nerves and the movement of the muscles. At the same time, walking on a steep slope of 30° can also stretch the calf muscles and calves on the calf to the maximum, while the hip muscles also involuntarily roll with the running belt. Tighten and improve.

When the slope slowly decreases and the speed slows down, the body gradually relaxes. After that, it is best to relax the joints and large muscle groups, such as shaking the limbs with slight control, stretching the back and front muscles and ligaments of the lower back and thighs. It is good for heart health protection and health.

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