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Treadmill Tips
- Mar 26, 2018 -

1. Persistence is a basic prerequisite for fitness. Running is also a method of exercising will. Long-term adherence has laid the foundation for successful fitness. This is not only the insistence of this action, but also an insistence on our ideology. It is also this insistence that has created our healthy body.

2, to develop the habit of recording the number of kilometers, many have the function of record distance, when we ran a certain distance, if it can not be adhered to, then record the distance run today, so that we will have a reference, as long as Tomorrow we can surpass this record to show that there is progress. Keeping records every day, we can discover our laws of physical fitness and physical changes, as well as the joy of success.

3, we need to take a happy mood on the treadmill, passionate emotions also have a very good effect on our exercise, which is out of a kind of happy heart, and we can while running while listening to music.

4, to grasp the speed of running, our running speed is directly related to whether we can persist in running for a long time, generally speaking, just starting the running is too fast, will lead to a linear decline in our patience, if you want to continue for a long time, we need Decrease the speed at the beginning, and then continue to exercise at this speed.