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Treadmill Technical Details
- Mar 27, 2018 -
  1. Safety. For safety, first of all, it is required to have a passive magnetic lock function, that is, when your body breaks away from the treadmill, it can quickly stop running and prevent serious accidents. The second most important is the active safety guarantee, which requires that the motor speed of the treadmill is stable and there will be no rapid and sudden speed changes. At present, most of the well-known brands of treadmills in China use imported motors from Taiwan or the United States, and have passed CCC certification to ensure the stability and reliability of the motor.

2. The continuous output power of the treadmill: Please note that this is the continuous output power, not the maximum output power. The general output power is nominally horsepower (Hp). Usually, a horsepower of a treadmill may provide a carrying weight of 50-60 kilograms. For a treadmill used by a general household, the weight of a runner is less than 100 Kg. If the treadmill is not used for long-term uninterrupted business running, the continuous output power should be 1.5- Between 2.0, it can meet the needs. If your weight is heavier, you need to choose a more powerful treadmill. Generally, you can choose a 2.75Hp or larger treadmill. If you weigh more than 140Kg, please use other methods to reduce weight, and then run a treadmill training.

3. The speed range of the treadmill: Usually, the speed of normal walking training is about 6Km/h, and the speed of running training is about 9-11Km/h, so choosing a treadmill with a speed range of 0-12Km/h can Meet family needs. Of course if you have special requirements for your physical training, you can choose a treadmill with a maximum speed of 16Km/h to train.

4. Whether with slope adjustment: A treadmill with slope adjustment can greatly enhance the effect of aerobic training, allowing you to consume more calories and better cardio training effects in the same time. Under normal circumstances, the slope of the treadmill is lifted in the range of 0-12% and can be adjusted in multiple stages. Some imported brands can even reach 25%. In fact, for home treadmills, 0-12% can meet the requirements, and excessive slope adjustment is rarely used in general.

5. Treadmill's effective running area: The effective running area can provide a safe and comfortable running environment. Under normal circumstances, the effective running area should be at least 1100*350mm. Do not save some money to buy a treadmill with a smaller running belt area. You should buy a treadmill with an effective running belt area as large as possible under your own financial circumstances. After my own running practice, I suggest that choosing a treadmill with an effective width of about 400 mm should be quite comfortable. Of course, the larger effective running area requires the treadmill to have a larger output power to ensure smooth running. If the effective running area is around 1200*400mm, the continuous output power should be 1.75Hp to meet the requirements.

6. Whether there is a folding and auxiliary mobile device, after all, a treadmill generally covers an area of about 1700*750mm. If it has a folding and moving function, it can save space when not in use, and it is convenient for home living.