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Treadmill Selection Elements
- Mar 26, 2018 -

For ordinary bodybuilders and even most of the coaches, when using a treadmill, generally only 70% of the functions of this precision instrument can be used. The other 30% of the functions are not commonly used by us and are rarely known. of.

Select several elements of the treadmill

1. Heart rate sensing. Those who exercise will know that heart rate is the most important data for doing aerobic training. A suitable heart rate will make your workout safer and more effective. Commercial treadmills have heart rate detection equipment, some sensors are clipped to the ear, and some sensors are handle-type.

2. Table thickness. The thickness of the treadmill table is the key to reducing the impact of the joint. To select a treadmill with a thick bench, the countertop is preferably double-decked. If the table of the treadmill is too thin, the tabletop will be easily bent and deformed.

3. Table length. The longer the treadmill table, the greater your exercise space and the greater sense of security.

Speed adjustment. The speed range of a standard treadmill should be 0-20 km/h, and you should not feel obvious inertia when you increase or decrease the speed.

4. Table tilt angle. One of the special features of commercial treadmills is the change of angle. The maximum increase of the treadmill can reach 45 degrees, so that you have the feeling of going uphill.

5. Smart adjustment function. The world's most advanced running opportunity automatically adjusts your speed and angle based on your heart rate after you set the program to help you reach your target heart rate.

6. Control panel. The standard treadmill control panel should have at least the basic display function mentioned above. Some treadmills also have more personalized data display and storage capabilities.

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