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Treadmill Maintenance
- Mar 24, 2018 -
  1. Regularly clean the body and the dust underneath the body. It is recommended to gently wipe with a soft cotton cloth. Do not use acidic cleaners.

 2.Egularly check whether there is foreign matter between the running belt and running board; for example, chewing gum, small creatures, etc. If foreign matter is found, it should be cleared immediately.

  It is suggested that under the treadmill, a special sports floor mat be laid; on the one hand, the noise during running can be eliminated and the floor can be protected; on the other hand, dust and foreign matter can be effectively prevented from entering the electrical box or between the running belt and the running board.

1. Regularly check the tightness of the running belt and whether there is any deviation.

2. Regularly check the emergency brake function of the treadmill to ensure it is safe and effective.

3. Regularly apply silicone oil between the running belt and the running board; ensure that the running belt runs smoothly.

How to use treadmill fitness to eat before the most scientific training, fasting exercise is easy to cause sports anemia, drink a glass of juice before exercise, or eat a banana, you can make your body to exercise well, but do not eat junk food, such as fried doughnut.

Choose the quick start mode: 

A good running opportunity pre-sets a program. When you run, just follow the prompts to enter data, you can choose different exercise methods, such as "fat reduction mode", "cardiopulmonary function mode", "climbing mode "," "random mode" and so on. Among them, the quick start mode can adjust the exercise intensity at any time.

Pay attention to body position

To stand in the middle of the running belt, it's easy to step on the base too far, and it's easy to be thrown out too far back. Of course, don't go too far.

From the start

It is recommended to begin with a walking speed of 4-6 km/h and gradually transition to running. In addition, brisk walking can make more use of fat to provide energy, and fat loss is relatively better.

Stop slowly

Although you are struggling to move forward, your body still stays in place. This makes your brain somewhat confused, so you may feel dizzy when you step down the treadmill, and you will gradually lose the speed and you will not be able to do so.