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Treadmill Injuries
- Mar 28, 2018 -

1. The problem lies in the use of methods

Many people's postures are not correct, and the running skills are not well controlled and the body muscles are not coordinated. These factors are likely to cause damage to the joints. For example, when the foot is on the treadmill, the foot should be hitting the ground and buffered to the entire foot. The muscles of the thigh and calf must be coordinated and have a certain contraction tension. This will make the sound of the feet on the treadmill softer. Some people, when their feet fall on the treadmill, make a particularly heavy "click", which is likely to be the result of the lack of cushioning directly on the feet. The entire foot hits the ground, and the ground has a reaction force on the body. This reaction force will cause impact on the jaw and knee joints. Repeated slight wear over a long period of time will cause damage to the joint.

2. Most beginners will not use treadmills

First, the running posture is incorrect. Many people use their feet very high when running, and their feet are full of ground. This kind of landing method is easy to stomp, and it is easy to damage the knee joint. Some people also get used to grab the handrails while running and hold their backs with their chests. Increased lumbar pressure, a long time will cause lumbar strain, exercise in the treadmill must be abdomen chest, tighten the lower back muscles. Improper swing arms can also cause physical discomfort. Do not swing your arms to the left or right, or swing the arms forward or backward. Otherwise, the center of gravity may oscillate around, causing adverse effects on the knee joint.

Followed by speed is too fast. From the beginning to choose a relatively fast speed, in the case of completely unfamiliar with the treadmill, choose a relatively fast speed, easily out of control, nervous, and even fall. Beginners should start with a slow start, and the transition from starting to normal pace should be gradual. Before going on the treadmill, you must first clarify the various features of the treadmill, especially to find out where the "emergency stop" is. Beginners will have a feeling of reeling after the initial run. After the treadmill, it is best to stand for a few minutes and then walk steadily to prevent the fall.

3. Excessive exercise intensity.

After a period of adaptation, beginners slowly increase their time. The density of running is usually once every two days. When exercising, the heart rate should be 120 times per minute.

4 wrong shoes.

Some exercisers wear thick air cushions on the bottom of the sports shoes. The cushioned shoes on the bottom can cause unstable landing. Long time can easily cause knee and ankle injuries. Running on a treadmill, it is best to wear double jogging shoes. Jogging shoes are lighter than ordinary shoes, and soles are relatively soft, suitable for use on treadmills. If not, ordinary sports shoes are also available, but if you want to choose a softer one, the foundation should not be too thick.