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Treadmill Common Misunderstanding
- Mar 31, 2018 -

1. Do not warm up before going on a treadmill. (×)

Warm-up exercises should be done before running on the treadmill, otherwise it is easy to cause strain on the thigh and calf muscles. After starting the treadmill, you should start with a “dynamic” warm-up, such as walking slowly, walking around, and gradually increase the amount of exercise until the body slightly sweats before you begin to enter the running state. In addition, the speed should be gradually slowed down when running down the machine to avoid vertigo and fall.

2. Long-term grasp the handrail to run. (×)

If you are just starting to use a treadmill, the forger can put both hands on the handles on both sides and wait for it to adapt to the running speed before allowing the hands to swing naturally with the footsteps. However, if you hold the handrail for a long time and run, you will make the upper body of the body in an uncoordinated state, and the center of the body will involuntarily tilt forward. This is totally different from the way we run outdoors. Running is a full-body exercise, not just the movement of the legs. Holding the handle leads to brasting the back while running, which can cause increased pressure on the human lumbar spine. Long-term running will certainly damage our lumbar spine. There will also be strained conditions.

3. Use treadmills at home without shoes. (×)

Many smelters feel that using a treadmill at home can eliminate the need to wear shoes, but if barefoot runs, the vibrations of the treadmill can cause unnecessary damage to the leg joints. If the soles sweat, it is easier to slip; even wearing a pair of thick socks can also play a certain shock absorption effect, but after all, socks are not the elasticity of sports shoes soles, can not replace the role of sports shoes. Therefore, in the treadmill exercise, it is best to wear jogging shoes, jogging shoes lighter than ordinary shoes, shoe soles are relatively soft, suitable for use on a treadmill. If not, ordinary sports shoes are also available, but to choose a lighter one, the sole should not be too thick.

4. Disregard the importance of maintaining balance. (×)

When you use the treadmill, your eyes must look forward. Don't suddenly turn your head. Don't look back, otherwise it is easy for the runner to lose balance. Some people will hold dumbbells when they are running, but if you don't have a good sense of balance, you should never use heavy objects while running. In addition, it is very foolish to run backwards on the treadmill or do some dangerous moves.

5. Watch TV while running. (×)

Many fortressers like to watch TV at home while running. Actually, this will distract you. Inadvertently, it will cause sports injuries, especially those who are not familiar with treadmill operation or exercise intensity. If you feel dull when running, you can listen to some relaxing music while running. Studies have shown that fast-paced music can effectively improve athletic performance and increase the enjoyment of sports.

6. Ignore my heart rate. (×)

When you finish running training, you must press your stop button before your heart rate drops below 120 per minute. Heart rate is a data that must be paid attention when running. This data can directly reflect your exercise state and the effect you can achieve. When running, remember to try not to let your heart rate exceed your own safe heart rate: (220-age)×80%. If you exceed it, please slow down as quickly as possible so that your heart rate will return to normal rhythm to avoid accidents. Moreover, it is also important to note that the next time the treadmill must wait for the table to stop completely, many accidents occur at the end of the exercise.