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Treadmill Care Appearance
- Mar 27, 2018 -

1.Regularly clean and scrub the area under the treadmill. When cleaning the bottom of the treadmill, remove the entire rack and completely clean the bottom area of the treadmill. This is because when we use a treadmill, dust and dirt on the soles of the shoes are carried by the running belt of the treadmill to the bottom of the treadmill, which can accumulate a lot for a long time.

2. After using the treadmill every day, it is best to use a dry towel to clean the inside of the running belt and the running board from the front to the back. If you do not wipe, it is easy to cause a treadmill failure. This is mainly because if you do not clean the dust between the running belt and the running board for a long time, these dusts are likely to stick to the front and rear rollers of the treadmill. The resistance increases and the friction increases, eventually causing the treadmill to malfunction.

3. Clean the surroundings of the treadmill once a day so that there is no dust and debris around the treadmill. The reason why the periphery of the treadmill is to be cleaned is mainly because when a person runs, frictional static electricity is generated between the running belt of the treadmill and the running plate, and the static electricity absorbs the dust around the treadmill, thereby causing dust around the treadmill. If you do not clean up, it will accumulate.