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Three Issues That Users Care About Using Treadmills
- Mar 31, 2018 -

1. How fast should I run?

What is the speed that your body can accept? This is a requirement that every runner needs to know. The speed of this run is determined by your personal fitness level and the purpose of running. If you are a newcomer who has just started running, move your focus to allow yourself to continue without stress. It is advisable to start from the combination of walking and running. If it is a friend who is overweight, it is advisable to go briskly without having to join jogging. The brisk walking can also consume fat.

With the increase in the number of training with a treadmill, you will feel that your physical strength is getting better and better. You can gradually increase the time for jogging and shorten the time for brisk walking until you can complete jogging once and you will feel a great achievement. sense.

2. How to avoid sports injuries?

Warm-up before running can avoid sports injuries. The warm-up time of professional athletes is often longer than the main movement. This is to increase body temperature, heart rate, and increase the range of motion of joints and muscles, so that the risk of injury can be reduced. A good stance is also one of the elements to avoid injury, not only allows you to run more safely, but also allows you to fully play every muscle, run farther and save more. Finally, we can start from the shock absorption, running is a fierce sport, running, the moment the feet touch the ground, the impact of the ground will reach 2 to 4 times the body weight.

3. How many kilometers should I run each time?

The reason why running can strengthen the effect of strengthening the heart and lungs, reducing fat shaping, there is a very important prerequisite is to run moderately and continuously, for runners, especially runners who want to lose weight, running does not need to run too Fast, or blindly pursuing distance. So how many kilometers do you run at a time? Different from person to person, the standard is that after finishing running, it will not be too tired and will not feel sore muscles. Such a single training amount is appropriate.

In addition, during the running process, you need to pay more attention to how long you have been running and how your body's heart rate changes. This will not easily lead to sudden overruns and discomfort to your body, leading to interruptions in your running. Many home treadmills have heart rate armrests for heart rate testing, which is the silver metal part we see on the treadmill panel or on the treadmill armrests.