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The Malfunction And Solution Of The Running Machine
- Nov 09, 2017 -

1, Electric treadmill can not accelerate

Possible causes: 1, the instrument panel is damaged, 2, the sensor is bad, 3, the drive board is broken.

Solution: 1, replace the instrument panel, 2, replace the sensor, 3, replace the drive board.

2, running machine running belt appears skid phenomenon

Possible reasons: 1, running with Usson; 2, the treadmill of the multi-channel belt too loose.

Solution: 1, adjust the running belt back end of the balance bolt (clockwise rotation to reasonable), 2, adjust the fixed position of the motor.

3, treadmill automatic stop:

Solution: 1, please carefully check the line problems; 2, check the line; 3, replace the drive board.

Possible causes: 1, line short circuit, 2, internal row line problems, 3, drive plate problems.

4, the movement has the murmur

Possible causes: 1, because the space between the cover and the running belt is too small, it causes friction between the cover and the running belt; 2, may be due to the movement of the running belt and running between the board involved in foreign bodies, 3, running belt serious, and run on both sides of the plate friction; 4, motor noise

Solution: 1, the machine cover will be corrected or replaced, 2, remove foreign bodies, 3, will run the belt adjustment balance; 4, replace the motor.