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The Importance Of Exercise Heart Rate During Running
- Nov 09, 2017 -

1. Heart Rate test Category: Hand heart rate and wireless heart rate band.

Hand-held heart rate of the abuse, hand-held heart rate test people in motion, the body in the constant movement of blood-sensing signal fluctuations in the data accuracy is relatively low, hand-held heart rate sensor to the environmental climate requirements are relatively high, in different temperature and humidity environment measured heart rate values are different.

Wireless heart rate band accuracy, because the heart rate band directly placed on the chest, the accuracy of the detection is relatively high can also be measured in real-time heart rate, heart rate with the electrodes contained in the body to collect the heart waves (as the hospital electrocardiogram Test sensor principle) is the most accurate method of heart rate measurement, The wireless transmission technology is sent to the electronic dial to more effectively remind the motion surveillance object to control the heart rate

2. Exercise heart rate during running:

Exercise heart rate, that is, the body's heart rate state while exercising. Either jog or run. Have a suitable heart rate to achieve better exercise effect. Keeping the best exercise heart rate is important for exercise and exercise safety. Three high crowd exercise is particularly important is the exercise heart rate, if the heart rate is too high, will be detrimental to health, leading to nausea, dizziness, chest tightness, diabetes patients will make blood sugar sharp reduction, and reduce fat effect is not good, low heart rate is not harmful to the body, But the effect of exercise is not good.

Running heart rate is the best display of human condition, in Europe and America, monitoring the heart rate reasonable control of their own exercise intensity and scientific fitness is a very popular concept, heart rate fitness has become a very important fitness indicators. In China only a handful of campaigners are aware of the intensity of their exercise. The exercise heart rate control in the reasonable target range, you can easily achieve weight loss effect and avoid the injury caused by the movement transition. And more importantly, exercise can exercise people's cardiopulmonary function, exercise moderate long-term adherence, can reduce the incidence of various diseases

A suitable heart rate, lasting movement, will consume a small amount of sugar, a lot of fat, will achieve weight loss effect.

Heart rate is too high, most of the consumption is sugar, very little fat, not to lose weight slimming, but also harm to the body;

Low heart rate, no harm to the body, but the effect of weight loss is not good.

3. Heart Rate Control Treadmill

The speed and resistance of the treadmill are controlled by the heart rate value, before exercising, by inputting your basic information, the device automatically exports your target heart rate value; In exercise, when the actual heart rate does not reach the target heart rate, the device will automatically increase the resistance and speed, so that you can better consume energy; when the actual heart rate exceeds the target heart rate, The device will automatically reduce the resistance and speed, in short, will let your actual heart rate control in the target heart rate range, so you do not sweat, do not have to breathless, gentle lasting can achieve weight loss effect.