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The History Of Treadmill Development
- Nov 09, 2017 -

1965 Nordic Finnish Tente Force Tunturi was born the world's first domestic treadmill, designers according to the principle of transmission speed changed. The birth of this treadmill represents the modern sense of a real home treadmill, with people in Europe and the United States beginning to accept running at home. But the beginning of the treadmill, also can only go up on the top, running a little uncomfortable.

1969 Finnish Dontelli birth can be the world's first heart rate training treadmill, the heart rate monitoring installed in the treadmill is a major initiative worldwide, for the development of fitness equipment in the world after the direction indicated. Why is it so important that, exercise heart rate is the best display of human condition, in Europe and America, monitoring the heart rate reasonable control of their own exercise intensity and scientific fitness is a very popular concept, heart rate fitness has become a very important fitness indicators. In China only a handful of campaigners are aware of the intensity of their exercise. The exercise heart rate control in the reasonable target range, you can easily achieve weight loss effect and avoid the injury caused by the movement transition. And more importantly, exercise can exercise people's cardiopulmonary function, exercise moderate long-term adherence, can reduce the incidence of various diseases.

1995 Nordic Finnish Tente force Tunturi was born the world's first heart rate control speed treadmill, through the heart rate value to control the speed of movement, before moving to enter your target heart rate value; In motion, when the actual heart rate does not reach the target heart rate, the device will automatically increase the speed, allowing you to better consume energy When the actual heart rate exceeds the target heart rate, the device will automatically reduce the speed, in short, will let your actual heart rate control within the target heart rate range, the global treadmill industry began to control the heart rate of scientific fitness began to develop.