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The History About Spinning Bike
- Mar 28, 2018 -

In 1947, due to the weather in Northern Finland, snow and snow could not be used for cycling, and the engineers of Finland's Tangle force, which produces bicycles, gave birth to the world’s first home-use exercise bike based on the prototype change of bicycles.

In 1969, Finland Tangteli gave birth to the world’s first exercise bike with electronic watch function. The installation of heart rate monitoring and speed display on the exercise bike is a big initiative in the world, which indicates the direction for the development of fitness equipment in the world. The heart rate of the electronic dial is the best display in the human body during exercise. In Europe and America, monitoring the heart rate and controlling their own exercise intensity and scientific fitness are very popular concepts. Heart rate fitness has also become a very important fitness indicator.

In 1983 Finland Tangteli gave birth to the world's first magnet-controlled exercise bike, which was adjusted by adjusting the distance between the two magnets to avoid the loss caused by friction and resistance adjustment, and to increase the service life of the exercise bike, and at the same time make the resistance even more uniform.

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