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The Ellipticalr Is A Tool For Practicing Hip
- Apr 18, 2018 -

The ellipsometer is said to be a hip culprit because it is the easiest to use hips to dominate.

For women who don’t have exercise before fitness, a sudden increase in oxygen will also make you “bold” (long muscles). As for where the muscles are, it depends on where you are “born”, so there will be “running”. "Rough legs" is also said to have "running without thick legs", which mainly depends on the individual's exertion habits. So I mentioned many times in my previous notes that I have to find the feeling of force in the buttocks instead of using the front side of the thigh instead of the hip, otherwise the legs will get more and more drums

1) Why the ellipsometer can exercise the buttocks, we must first know the hip force mechanism, specific to the use of the elliptical machine, the main way of hip force is to extend the hip, that is, the thigh with the hip as the pivot point from back to back movement, see below Diagram

To put it plainly, when you are doing an elliptical machine, you need to subconsciously extend your hips to dominate the movement. Imagine that you are “turning your front legs backwards instead of stepping down” to go back and forth to the coherent ellipsometer.

2) The hips are activated. This is already mentioned in the previous 3(3).

3) Maintain the relative stability between the lumbar spine and the pelvis by maintaining the tension in the abdominal muscles, and make your major joint in the hip joint and the muscle group that dominates the extension of the hip force to be the gluteus maximus muscle. Focusing entirely on the buttocks and extending the hips minimizes attention on the knee joint. The flexion and extension of the knee joint is only compatible with the stability of the center of gravity. The muscles near the knee joint do not participate in the dominant force.

4) Put your feet on the ground all the way. Don't raise yours. The foot is the back heel, and it's best to be on the inside of the foot. This helps to avoid the calf force, and easier to force the hips. It is recommended that the hands should be placed on the fixed armrests rather than the legs, which is more conducive to understanding the force of the buttocks. It is best to maintain the best body posture (brain, neck, scapula, thoracic-lumbar spine), and to cultivate the ability of the upper body to maintain the best body posture during dynamic hair force.

5) In the end, I have to say that after all, the ellipsometer is aerobic and the development of the ellipsoid on the buttocks is still limited. If we want to reach a certain “scale” on the hips, we still have to do strength.

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