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The Difference Between Treadmill And Outdoor Running
- Mar 26, 2018 -

First, security

In terms of safety, the only thing to note about running indoors with a treadmill is the balance of the person. Some people will feel dizzy after running the treadmill. In addition, due to treadmill width of 40 cm, 45 cm and 47 cm widths, even 47 cm wide running belts, people have to pay great attention to the balance of their body when running, if their feet are not careful If you step outside the belt, you may fall because of an unstable center of gravity. While running outdoors, most people rarely find stadiums for running. They usually run back and forth along the road. There are many people on the road and there may be security incidents. In addition, a large amount of oxygen needs to be inhaled during running, and the exhaust gas emitted by outdoor vehicles is very harmful to the human body after inhalation.

Second, the weather

The reason for the weather is a factor in determining whether or not it is possible to run outdoors. It is not suitable for outdoor running like fog, rain, or snow, and there is no such limit for a treadmill. The best way is to run outdoors when the weather is good and use a treadmill indoors when the weather is bad.

Third, running mood

Many people like to bring an earbud to listen to MP3 while running outdoors. While running and listening to music, although this can maintain a pleasant mood, I think it is uncomfortable to wear headphones when people run out of sweat. The treadmill is different. Most of today's treadmills are equipped with the function of playing MP3, and there is a sound, so that exercisers can run while listening to music without wearing headphones. Of course, this is just one advantage of treadmill running compared to running outdoors.

Fourth, exercise effect

Outdoor running because the terrain is complex, so can exercise all parts of the person, and the treadmill can only run in a straight line, at this point the former is better than the latter. In the control of running speed, it is controlled by the person himself, because the person cannot clearly know the bearing capacity of his various organs, so it may lead to excessive training and injury to the body. This point can be well controlled on the treadmill. Most treadmills have a function to detect heart rate. Exercisers can use scientific data to determine their own physical load and increase or decrease running speed and time.