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The Difference Between Treadmill And Outdoor Running
- Mar 10, 2018 -
  1. From the principle of the treadmill, we can see that many treadmills currently on the market are driven by motors to enable people to run or walk at different speeds passively. Due to the passive formation of running and walking, from the point of view of the action, almost the same as running or walking on the ground, but from the point of view of the human body, running on the electric treadmill, walking away from the ordinary running, leaving a stretch action. It is precisely this that makes every person walking on an electric treadmill feel very relaxed and comfortable, allowing people to run about 1/3 more distance than normal running, and the total energy consumption is more than ordinary walking and running.

  2. Heart rate monitoring and intelligent speed control. Heart rate monitoring can be said to be a major advancement in the history of treadmills. Controlling your exercise heart rate to a reasonable range of target values can easily achieve weight loss while avoiding the harm caused by motion transitions. In Europe and the United States, monitoring heart rate and controlling their own exercise intensity and scientific fitness are very popular concepts. Heart rate fitness has also become a very important fitness indicator. At present, this awareness in the country is still relatively low. In addition, the treadmill's various smart modes also provide a variety of sports experiences, such as flat terrain, uphill, mountaineering, variable speed, etc., and can also formulate scientific sports patterns according to their own goals.

  3. Security issues. Compared with road running, treadmills can bring much less damage. Good treadmills use a scientific shock absorber system that has less damage to the knee than the road. Moreover, the road is not only hurting the knee, but the road conditions are so complicated that you often do not know how it happened after many accidents. Last week, my college roommate ran in the morning and didn't know what was going on. I stepped on what board on the road and immediately cut off my feet. Now I still train at home. The doctor said that at least one month's rest is required. Moreover, the reports of the disappearance of the night run did not underestimate it, this is not the injury to the knee, and they all hurt lives.

  4. One of the most controversial aspects of treadmills is the loss of fun on the road. Indeed, this cannot be changed. But if you're in Beijing, 300 days a year, do you still choose to run outdoors? In the rainy season, if it rains for a month, does your running plan mean it is interrupted? In the winter, the wind is chilly, and I believe many people have already stayed at home and never go out. Treadmills have made a lot of efforts to improve the fun of entertainment. Music and video are also available.