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The Attention Problem Of The Treadmill
- Nov 09, 2017 -

Start the running machine, the two feet is best to step on both sides of the foot, and so on to start and then set foot on the run belt.

At the beginning, the speed from slow to fast, first began to warm-up exercise, gradually accelerated.

Running, two hands best swing arm up, do not hold on the armrest, this is not conducive to the whole body to participate in aerobic exercise, exercise effect is not so good.

If there is a safety button on the treadmill, it is best to keep the safety button on the treadmill when running, so as to avoid the damage caused by running the treadmill in time. (Unplug the Safety button and the treadmill stops automatically)

Running in the correct posture should be abdominal chest, just beginning may be a little difficult, but persist for a long time, with the correct running posture, this is a great help for bodybuilding shape.

The treadmill stops, the speed also should be from fast to slow, let the human body have a reflection of the process, so that the next machine, people will not feel dizzy feeling. If you run on a treadmill and stop the machine directly, you have a sense of dizziness, which makes it easy for you to fall.