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The Advantages Of Elliptical
- Apr 18, 2018 -

1) It is also an aerobic instrument. Compared with an ellipsometer and a treadmill, the most important feature is that the knee joint does not have a stress point when the human body exercises it. Because the ellipsometer's movement is mostly centripetal contraction, and there is little eccentric contraction, that is, it moves on the elliptical machine, there is no body movement, muscle buffering action like running (human injury, often in the centrifugal contraction - landing In that case, the joints, cartilage, and muscles of the human body are hardly damaged. Therefore, using an elliptical exercise can not only prevent, reduce, and relieve pain in cervical spondylosis, periarthritis, and upper back, but also avoid the impact generated during running and better protect the joints, so that it has a better safety factor. , It is recommended that the ellipsometer should be selected for crowds with excess weight and knee and ankle discomfort;

2) The elliptical function exercises and stimulates the adjustment of the sciatic nerve, enhances the endurance and strength of the waist muscles, and achieves the effect of body sculpting on the stimulation of the buttocks, thighs, side waist, and lower abdomen.

3) The elliptical machine is often used to exercise more to the hips and thighs than treadmills and bicycles. It can effectively eliminate false hips and prevent overt development of the front of the thigh affecting appearance and leg shape. When our hips are activated, we can clearly feel the force of the buttocks and go into a virtuous circle during daily walking, fitness and yoga.