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Teach You To Use The Treadmill Correctly
- Apr 10, 2018 -

A big difference between a treadmill and a road run is that the treadmill can force speed adjustments. Using the treadmill correctly can be of great help to you:

Goal 1: Use scattered 20-minute sessions How to use: Maintain moderate running intensity, warm up for 5 minutes; then accelerate to match strength, maintain a fast running frequency for 10 minutes, and finally slowly decelerate for 5 minutes.

Objective two: To drive away the boring life (simultaneously running in a mad way) How to use it: Driving a TV (see Anti-Japanese TV?). It's easy to watch and run. In the gap between advertisements, speed and strength are raised. If you don’t have a TV, bring your own MP3 and change the running intensity with the rhythm of the song – it won’t be exhausting and it’s quite enjoyable.

Objective 3: To increase your running speed How to use: Adjust the inclination of the treadmill to 2 degrees. In the warm-up exercise, after each speed run, add the same amount of time to resume running (for example, one minute high-intensity running, one minute recovery jogging). 1-2-3-2-1-2-3-2-1 This mode is more suitable for most people. The numbers represent the time of high-intensity running. Remember to run again after each run plus the same amount of time. The purpose of this is to split the 10K run into paragraph mode to exercise your control.

Objective four: Injury and use recovery methods: alternating jogging and walking. Jog for two minutes and walk for two minutes - 20 to 30 minutes in a row. If your injury does not occur, then you can increase the running time to 3 minutes, then 4 minutes and 5 minutes. After a period of time, slowly lower your walking time.

Goal 5: Start the treadmill and try it fresh: Use it to lower the speed. After 5 minutes, increase the speed by 8km/h for 1 minute and then lower it for 2 minutes. Continuous adjustments, feeling your body state at different speeds until you find the right way.

Goal 6: Powerful horse training: Use 6.5 kilometers on a treadmill, set running time 30 seconds longer than the game time, then run 6.5 kilometers, run 15 seconds longer than the game time, and last 6.5 kilometers according to the game time Run down. The next step is to improve training and continue for 6.5 kilometers. Running time is 15 seconds less than the set playing time. The purpose of this training method is to make you run faster in fatigue, but this training is best done in the final stages of your training cycle.

Goal 7: To improve endurance use: After warm-up, increase the tilt angle from 4 to 5 degrees, and use a force level between half horse and horse, and run for 20-30 minutes. Then slowly recover. This approach will make you truly powerful while improving your overall running durability.