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Spinning Bike Structure
- Mar 27, 2018 -

   Basically, a spinning bike is similar to an ordinary bicycle, including handlebars, seats, seesaws, and wheels. The body is firmly connected as a whole. Unlike ordinary bicycles, its structure can be greatly adjusted to make riders feel more comfortable. Before you get into the car, you must first decide the height of the seat. Usually this height is based on the height when you stand on the ground, raise your thigh and level with the ground, so when you ride, the angle between the thigh and calf will not be too small. , thereby reducing the burden on the knee to avoid injury; then the position of the seat to determine the position of the handlebars, hand in the handlebars in the front, elbow on the most suitable position, the body should be compact, arms reach forward Do not feel like it is difficult. The height of the handlebar can also be raised and lowered according to the rider's body. Here are some specific structural analysis of spinning bikes.

The head of the spinning bike: It consists of a handle and a bottle cage. The design of the bottle cage takes into account the need for long-term fitness exercise at any time.

Fender: The mudguard is located between the car body and the brake system. The function of this mudguard is similar to that of ordinary bicycles. It protects the flywheel from the erosion of sweat and rust.

Flywheel: The main role of the flywheel is the counterweight, which is to increase the load of the movement to play a role in increasing the training intensity.

Electronic brake system: Many electric bicycles are equipped with electronic brake systems, which also allows many cycling athletes to better control and grasp the rhythm when they are tired.

Crank and foot pedal: This is also a similar structure of ordinary bicycles, playing a driving role as a bridge, most of the effects of spinning bicycles are reflected through this.

Seat: The seat height of a spinning bike can be easily adjusted. This is to make people of different heights adapt to the same bicycle. It is a very humanized design.

Body Frame: This is an integral frame support structure for spinning bikes. Basically, all spinning frames are made of metal. This is the main reason why spinning bikes can support people who are overweight.

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