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Spinning Bike Prohibited Action
- Mar 28, 2018 -

1: Use weight-bearing equipment on the bike? Weight lifting on the car is ineffective and unsafe. The weight training exercise muscles in the stable state is the most effective. The second taboo: Riding a bicycle with one hand or letting go of your hands? You may be seriously injured when standing or jumping. When you sit uphill, you may experience uneven pressure on your lower back.

2: When towing the toes down? It can cause inflammation of bone nodules and numbness in the feet. When stepping on the feet, the feet should be parallel to the ground, with the soles of the feet in the middle of the foot pedals.

3: No resistance at all? The non-resistance stepping is a waste of exercise time, and, in the case of high-speed rotation, it will also cause sports injuries without resistance.

4: Stepping backwards will loosen the foot and it may hurt when the foot falls. Studies have shown that the same group of muscles are used to step backwards and forwards, consuming the same amount of calories, so there is no advantage to stepping backwards.

5: Use grip when sitting? This can cause excessive bending of the hip and spine, which can cause back pain. When you need to look up, this grip can easily cause strain on the neck.

6: Put your feet on the handlebars to stretch? Maybe most people don't have enough flexibility to stretch their feet on the handlebars.

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