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Spinning Bike Remand
- Mar 28, 2018 -

1.Before each spinning exercise, be sure to take some time to do a good warm-up exercise. You can jog on the treadmill or jump to aerobics and participate when the body starts to feel excited. Because the body that is nearly dormant for a long period of time does not adapt to the suddenly increased load and strength, the body is easily injured before stretching.

2. Before going on a bicycle, check that each part is safe. After you get in the car, pay attention to adjusting the position. The most important thing is to fasten the safety lock on the stern board so as to avoid the risk of bumping when the foot is dislocated. Always keep your feet parallel to the ground while riding.

3. The method of breathing on a spinning bike is very important. Abdominal breathing should be learned. In abdominal breathing, abdominal muscle tension and relaxation occur alternately, so that the intramuscular capillaries alternately contract and relax, accelerating blood circulation, expanding the supply of oxygen, and also facilitating the excretion of metabolites. Systemic organ tissue plays a role in adjustment and promotion, but also can greatly enhance lung function.

4. It is best to wear a professional spinning bike suit for clothing. The elastic cotton sportswear can also be substituted. The shoelace shoe is the best choice because it can firmly fix the foot on the ankle and prevent it. Dislocated.

Spinning bikes are still the hottest fitness programs in the gym today. It allows you to perform rhythmic, step-by-step, heavy-duty aerobic exercise with great music, brilliant lighting, coaching passwords, and encouragement and participation from participating partners. Cardiopulmonary function and multi-part muscles are fully exercised. Kickboxing is full of explosiveness and irritability. After a period of exercise, your body's elasticity, flexibility, and reaction speed are greatly improved, and your energy is more vigorous, your mood is more awkward, and you are excited and even somewhat " The madness was completely released.

The exercise bike has a large knee and waist strength, so if you have knee and lumbar pain, you cannot participate in this exercise.

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