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Spinning Bike Riding Action
- Mar 28, 2018 -

warm up

In addition to the small-intensity exercise, there will be a targeted warm-up process in the formal classroom before the exercise cycle. The injured knee, the tired leg, and the waist should all be highly valued. Here are some actions you must do:

Leg extension

Because the thigh is the center of spinning, you must pay special attention to being pulled.

Separate your legs as far as possible. The left knee is bent and the upper body is squatting. Transfer the center of gravity to the left. The right leg is fully extended. Pay attention to the tiptoe. Feel the inner thigh muscles taut and hold for 5 seconds.

You can also use the device to do leg stretching. With both hands on the handlebars, lift the left leg up on the bike crossbar, stretch your right leg backwards, lean forward slightly, move the ligaments and muscles in your legs, and change your legs.

Side waist extension

When simulating a bicycle passing through an emergency curve, the upper body should be shaken left and right, and the center of gravity should be controlled with the waist strength so that it can continue to ensure that the waist is easily injured on the bicycle.

You can do a simple set of movements to keep your body straight, keep your lower body unmoved, and twist your upper body to 90 degrees; you can also do a side-waist stretching, spread your legs apart and shoulder width, raise your arms to the top of your head, and keep your body in the same position On the horizontal plane, the upper body bends to the right. Do 5 times on each side.

Shoulder pressure

Since the entire body leans forward during riding, the pressure on the shoulder joints is very high and it is necessary to stretch the shoulder joints. Hold the handlebars with both hands, separate your legs and bend your upper body forward. Try to keep your body close to the ground.


Just adjust the sitting position and follow the coach to get off the light and music rendering. The simplest way to ride here is not to stop here. Just follow the rhythm. According to the shape of the handlebars, it is divided into four positions and the abdominal obliques, backs and arms are progressively exercised.


Rotate the weight control knob to increase the leg's strength. At the beginning, the upper body leans forward. Then the whole body needs to leave the seat to allow the wheel to rotate. This weight control is critical, do not let your ankle move with your legs, but to control the initiative, completely grasp the metal wheel speed, replay the power on the thigh, and can feel the buttocks and back muscles It is also very stressful and very laborious at this time. The legs are nearly straightened, reducing the burden on the knees. The focus of exercise is on the thigh and calf muscles.


The feeling of making downhill can be adjusted to the lightest weight control button, and there is no burden on the leg. Easily step on the ankles and leave the handlebars with both hands. The upper body is straight and the hands are open and stretched like a hug in the breeze. Usually the music is soft at this time, and the intensity of the exercise is minimized.


The upper body must work together with the legs to achieve the overall effect of fat loss. When simulating a sharp turn, hold the handlebars with both hands. The upper body should be extended to the left and right sides to basically offset the body's center of gravity and use the waist force to control the upper body.

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