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Spinning Bike Function
- Mar 27, 2018 -

❤ Reliable, strong parts: Using sturdy, high-quality accessories and materials, the correct spinning bike can withstand high-strength use. The rust-prone part is of stainless steel structure, the flywheel is treated with chrome alloy coating, and the main frame uses electrostatic spraying technology to maximize rust resistance;

❤Simple maintenance: The bike will surely not only look beautiful, but also easy to maintain;

❤Easy to use: The simple bolt-type adjustment system provides stability and safety; the non-slip multi-function handle can be adjusted with the adjustment knob and the safety system safely without disassembly; two bottle cages in different positions are easy to use;

❤ According to ergonomically designed seat cushions for maximum comfort: Unisex cushions for beginners and experienced users, professionally designed to correct sitting position and provide maximum comfort

❤ Two-way pedaling: Two-way selected pedaling and easy-adjusting stepping straps meet the needs of users of different levels, and special bicycle shoes and sports shoes are applicable;

❤ Provides smooth, accurate resistance: The latest technologies and materials in the automotive industry are used in resistance control, flywheels, and Poly V belts to provide users with a smooth, fluid comfort and a continuous “real” cycling experience.