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Spinning Bike Benifit
- Mar 28, 2018 -

Principle of fat reduction

As with all aerobic exercises, spinning is also the purpose of reducing fat while consuming energy while fully activating the body's motor cells. According to the coach, spinning is one of the most-exercised equipment in the gymnasium. Its physical fitness requirements are very high. Usually, a class can consume about 500 calories, and it also discharges a lot of sweat, and the body's water loss is very fast. Therefore, it should be timely. Make up water. However, the large amount of water loss does not mean that it is relying on "reducing water" to lose weight. If you bring a heart rate watch while you are exercising, you will clearly see that from the moment you start your exercise, it is completely Fat is consumed. In the leg-centered exercise process, the muscles of the hips, waist, back, and arms can be fully exercised while also enhancing your heart and lung function.

Suitable for the object

The spinning bikes originated in the United States are contaminated by the strong American flavor, lively and passionate, and are therefore popular with people aged 25 to 35 years old. However, there is no age limit for this sport abroad, because its scientific design guarantees the safety of participants, and the intensity of exercise is completely controllable, and it is suitable for all people with athletic ability. However, it is recommended that people with knee injuries do not participate in this exercise, because the entire knee will experience large friction during the entire ride, coupled with high-intensity stress, which will easily lead to potential injuries and will be slow during future sports. Slowly manifested. Patients with heart disease and hypertension are also advised not to participate in order to avoid danger in high-intensity training.

Two misconceptions plaguing SPINNING practitioners

Misconception 1: Do you think that spinning a bicycle will make your limbs strong? You can take a look at the foreign coaches of spinning bikes who have years of training experience. Their strong and slender shape will tell you that you don’t have to worry about spinning bikes to make you a “giant”.

Misconception 2: Is the more sweat you have, the more you lose weight? In fact, what needs to be reduced is fat, not moisture. The excretion of large amounts of sweat is actually the loss of body moisture and does not necessarily mean that body fat is consumed in large amounts.

Weight loss posture

The correct posture should be: the body is slightly forward, the body straight arms, tighten the abdomen, using abdominal breathing method, the legs and the cross beam of the car parallel or slightly inward deduction, knee and hip joint coordination, the body does not Swing left and right, pay attention to riding rhythm. In addition, the pedaling posture is also very important. "The average person thinks that the so-called pedaling is stepping on the foot, and the pedals turn around to drive the flywheel forward. But the correct pedaling should be divided into four consecutive actions: stepping, pulling, lifting and pushing." Professional coach Shi Waves said: "The first foot step on the foot, the lower leg then shrink back and pull back, then lift up, and finally push forward, this happens to be a pedal 360 degrees a week. Such a rhythmic pedaling, not only saves energy but also can increase the speed ."

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