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Some Tips For Spinning Beginners
- Apr 19, 2018 -

1. The basic physical preparation: Spinning class is a move of 45 minutes or more, the physical requirements are relatively high, in order not to feel too difficult for the first time to produce fear of exclusion of this sport, usually not exercised The young masters need to exercise about 300 times in 300 calories on a treadmill in advance. The speed is recommended to jog at 6-7 and 3-4 at a slow speed. After 10 days of basic training and then entering the cycling class, it takes 50 minutes for 300 calories to walk and jog, which is about the same as the duration of the cycling class.

2. Get to know the specific arrangement of the cycling class in your gym: The most important information is to understand each day's courses which are elementary difficulty, intermediate difficulty, and advanced difficulty; the general gym has a cycling class for 5 days a week, according to physical fitness It is required to arrange courses of different difficulty so that the young masters can choose the course that suits their own physical condition. Still clichés, choose the right one for yourself, don't hit the enthusiasm, the purpose of the exercise is long-term persistence, a comfortable rhythm will make you better stick to it.

3. The specific use of bicycles: After choosing your course, you must arrive at the classroom 5 minutes in advance and learn how to use the bicycle. The spinning bike can adjust the weight of the pedal, the height of the seat, the height of the handle, and check whether your favorite bicycle is stable. , and then adjust their height and weight, private Raiders: recommend a mirror and close to the teacher's position, so you can better observe their actions are in place and learn the teacher's correct action.

4. Thick skins: At the beginning, cycling lessons are sure to fail to keep up with the teacher's movements and progress. In particular, high-intensity courses have the heart of wanting to die, but! You must not quit midway, learn to stay in a position of an affair, ride at your own pace, and stick to a full lesson! The action isn't cool enough. It's not just the point where you can hold a class and it's a victory because the purpose of aerobic exercise is achieved!

5. Energy requirements: The requirements of physical fitness for spinning bikes are relatively high. You need to eat enough energy, but the fat is low in the fitness meal. Figure 2 is my special food for spinning, for your reference: 250 grams of beef, half of corn, One egg does not eat egg yolks or bananas. It is very quick and easy to eat.

6. What you need to carry: Insulated cup with warm water, one towel.

7. Here to add the knee injury problem: First of all, mentioned in the third point, to use a scientific bike, adjusting the weight of their own legs, for beginners, should try to adjust the light weight, and even say you When you haven't started yet, in the middle of the game, you need to continue to lose weight because of the lack of strength in your legs. To protect your knees, your weight must be light. Do not blindly pursue weight! And some of the spinning bikes in the gym are very old. The buttons that may adjust the weight are broken. We must check the spinning bike in advance. Second, children who can't keep up with their physical ability must rest during the rest and feel uncomfortable on their knees or other parts of the body. They should immediately stop and leave the classroom. Wait for the class to consult the teacher's own actions. Is it wrong? With rhythm, hand movements, and the use of waist and abdomen power, it is not very good at first. We must be humbly ask the teacher to let the teacher check if our movements are correct. Third, exercise your own coordination of the legs and hands, even the leg movements to adapt to the rhythm of the coordination; many times we do not have the skills to quickly slow down, or muscles do not know how to force and discharge, we must pay attention to keep You can ride at a comfortable speed, you can't force the speed to unload your knees, and you're outweighed. Therefore, when we cycle, we must remember that we must always use our own comfortable rhythm and strength. If we feel uncomfortable, we must learn to ask the teacher and come on!

8. After exercise, pay attention to massage and stretch the leg to prevent tummy edema in the legs and alleviate the large amount of lactic acid produced by cycling.