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Running Method
- Mar 27, 2018 -

1, Reasonable use of the slope adjustment function on the treadmill

Almost all treadmills have a slope adjustment function that gives the user more pleasure in running on a treadmill, but many runners believe that this slope adjustment is no different from running on flat ground. This view is wrong. In fact, there is still a difference between them. According to the results of expert experiments, it is confirmed that when our gradient adjustment is increased by 5 degrees, the heart rate per minute increases by 10-15 times. The slope can effectively increase the intensity of running. But this time you need to be careful not to exceed 80% of your total heart rate. In addition, the use of a large step on the slope can also achieve good hip lift effect.

2, do not use the speed of walking treadmill jogging

When running on a treadmill, if it is the speed of walking, then use a walking exercise, remember not to jog this time, pay attention to the elbow in the walking with the swing. Another point to note is that when running on a treadmill, when the speed is less than 5km, the heart rate cannot reach the standard of running. Your calorie consumption is not enough, and it is not easy to achieve the effect of treadmill exercise. One need to pay attention.

3, do not run on the treadmill

The speed of jogging is about 6-8km, which is the best speed for jogging. In this range of speed you can jog on the treadmill. Although the speed is not fast, it is very effective. This is also what most treadmill runners like. speed. But remember, don't use small steps to exercise, because the small pace makes your heart rate drop, our calorie consumption is not enough to achieve the effect of exercise.