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Purchase Treadmill
- Mar 23, 2018 -

①.Treadmill speed considerations

Treadmills, which are divided into mechanical treadmills and electric treadmills. Older people can choose a mechanical treadmill. It is an active running mode. The speed of running is controlled by oneself. Users can walk, jog or run according to their own conditions. Young people can choose an electric treadmill. It is a passive type of running. The first step is to set the running speed according to one's physical fitness, and forcing the trainer to run at this speed.

②.Purchase considerations

1. Comfort of treadmill function operation: This is mainly based on whether or not each treadmill has a good experience.

2. Running area of the treadmill: This mainly affects the comfort of our running. The treadmill running in large space is more comfortable to run. The main reference can be made to the width of the running plate and the stability of the running plate.

3, whether the preset program meets the needs: We need to monitor some of the data during running exercise, these preset features meet your own needs, when the treadmill experience is best to experience all the preset program .

4. How safe is the safety during running: The purpose of exercising with a treadmill is for the health of the body. Therefore, the safety of the treadmill is something we must consider. It is generally possible to design from the handrail of the treadmill whether it is convenient and comfortable and whether the emergency stop button is easily accessible and flexible.

5, treadmill panel design is humane: When we exercise on a treadmill, the information on the run is always at our attention. Therefore, whether the treadmill panel design is ergonomic is more important.

6, treadmill motor: treadmill motor, in addition to the power to fit the weight, the stability of the motor when running and whether there are two aspects of noise also need to pay attention.

7. The speed and slope adjustment function of the treadmill: These two points should be determined according to the exercise situation of oneself and family's treadmill. When purchasing, we should know whether the preset speed and slope adjustment function of the treadmill meets its own needs. .

8, the stability of the treadmill function switching how: Sometimes, we need to switch the running exercise mode at any time during the running exercise, if the running mode is switched, the reaction of the treadmill makes the body shake, such a treadmill Stability is poor.

9. Is the running belt stable? Running belts are one of the more important components when we exercise on a treadmill. If the running belt is not running smoothly during running, there are often phenomena such as slippage, breaks, and deviations. unfavorable. If it is a long-term use of the running belt to adjust the deviation can refer to how to adjust the next treadmill when the article is adjusted.

10. The overall experience of the treadmill: Generally well-designed treadmills, the adaptability of their runners are very good. When you have purchased all the above functions before you buy a treadmill, how is your overall feeling?

③.Five important considerations

The following five points are the decisive considerations for the purchaser:

(1) The electronic instrument function of a treadmill, such as information reading, course operation, heartbeat training, etc., how important is your satisfaction with the treadmill!

(2) Do you need to adjust the treadmill to maximum power when you use the treadmill's speed and slope function to challenge yourself?

(3) Do you feel comfortable when you are using a treadmill? such as:

The length and width of the running belt are appropriate for the pace you are running and naturally taking.

The elasticity of running boards is moderate for you.

Do you feel safe when the treadmill is running or running?

(4) How often do you use your treadmill? This is the factor that you consider whether you have to adjust the budget

(5) How long does the treadmill last? What are the details of the warranty content? How to provide maintenance services? And how do you do your own daily maintenance?

⑥.View. Listen. Experience.

Because there is no room for the interior, please remember the following ten points during the 10-minute trial because it may be a sign that you will feel physically and mentally exhausted when you use the treadmill in the future:

(1) Motor: Smoothness and no-ear noise during operation.

(2) Running belt: After the speed is set, whether the running belt is stable or not, pay attention to the phenomenon of whether it is intermittent, slipping or off-center.

(3) Running area: whether there is enough space for your running pace and the surface is stable and flexible.

(4) Manipulability: The function is suitable and easy to use.

(5) Arrangement of panel formats: whether the design method is reasonable and attractive, and there are many information available. It's fun to read.

(6) Safety: The position of the armrest is comfortable for you and the emergency security button is easy to see and touch.

(7) The time of the reaction of the machine and the smoothness of the function conversion: When the slope and speed are switched, whether the treadmill can react in real time, instead of suddenly and drastically changing, makes you unstable.

(8) Slope and speed setting function: whether the treadmill maximum slope and speed setting value can meet your needs for treadmill training, and whether the speed is set at the highest level is stable.

(9) Appropriate fit: whether the use of preset programs or heartbeat control is completely understood. When merchants let you stand on the bench and use it, can you understand how to fully master the characteristics of treadmill training courses.

(10) Design suitability for runners.

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