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Prepare A Spinning Bike Before Use
- Mar 28, 2018 -

1, for a spinning bike, a class takes 45 minutes, jeans are inconvenient to exercise, you need to wear soft and comfortable sportswear, if it is the best choice for long-term exercise professional cycling pants, you can avoid wear and reduce pressure on buttocks.

2. The quality of the spinning bikes used in many gymnasiums is poor. The body squeaks up when moving. There is no special locking shoe, but the feet are fixed in the form of a strap. It is easy to be injured during exercise. Choose a spinning bike workout, preferably a club with a good quality spinning bike and matching lock shoes.

3, choose a good gym, the next step is to start the class. Before starting the class, you need to adjust the height of the seat and the handlebars according to your size, and familiarize yourself with the position and resistance brake buttons.

4, in the adjustment, the seat height is very critical, just to the end of the legs just straight, this height can not only ensure that your feet can fully stretch, but also allows you to maintain the correct riding position, not within eight or Eight outside.

5. Adjust the front and back position of the seat cushion, align the position of the forefoot sacrum with the axis of the pedals, and make the front bone of the knee joint and the footboard in the same vertical direction.

6, the novice proposed to increase the handlebars, so you can reduce back pressure, riding is relatively easy. After a period of training, I found the essentials and points for riding. At this time, the handlebars will be lowered and more comfortable.

7. Prepare water and towels. Towels are used to wipe sweat and can add more water before and after class. A 45-minute spinning bike course can burn about 500 calories, and you can add enough water during exercise, but it should not be too much.