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Preparation Before Running
- Nov 09, 2017 -

Do proper preparation exercises before running to get your body into the state before exercising, not easy to occur joint, tendon sprain, prepare to exercise no hard to do what must be done, usually stretching muscles, pressing the legs, twisting waist, the hands and feet of the joints also to activities, need to pay attention to the action as far as possible in place, the time in about 10 minutes, It is not up to the warm-up effect to move twice.

Various ways of running on a treadmill

1, jogging: according to their ability to adapt to the speed and intensity, with their favorite pace to run. Jogging may achieve the effect of bodybuilding, blood lipids, and is not very difficult.

2, in situ run: In situ run can be very good exercise to the upper body, with the large swing arm.

3, accelerated running: After the body into the state gradually improve the speed, until the highest speed can be reached, and then gradually stop. The speed of running can get the maximum amount of heat, and you will feel full body movement.

Running time

1, the choice of time period: Two o'clock in the afternoon to four points is the best time to strengthen the physical strength, human muscle capacity than other time is 50% higher. Five o'clock in the evening to seven o'clock, people's exercise ability to reach the highest point, suitable for running weight loss. After dinner is not suitable for exercise time, will hinder digestion, long time will hurt the stomach, to rest 30-45 minutes to run.

2, the length of time: Running time is not the longer the better, if you want to achieve fat burning is to reach more than 40 minutes, no exercise habits if the beginning of the people do not insist on being brave, should use the gradual method, today 20 minutes, tomorrow 25 minutes, slowly to reach 40 minutes.