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Precautions When Using A Spinning Bike
- Mar 28, 2018 -

1, whether it is riding or other sports, exercise intensity from weak to strong progressive, must warm up before exercise, let your muscles ready for the next high-intensity exercise, full warm-up will also reduce sports injuries. When you get started, don't overdo it with calories, but instead focus on learning various riding skills with your coach.

2, when riding, the upper body to relax, focus on your feet, hips fall in the seat of the widest, most flexible parts. Do not shake your hips while riding, do not shake your head, and do not shrug while riding.

3, stampede is divided into: step, step, lift, pull, do a circular motion on both feet. The more round you step on the foot, the more efficient your pedaling will be, and it will be easier to ride.

4. In the riding process, it is necessary to control the strength according to one's own needs and achieve a better training goal within the effective control range.

5, the movement needs to have a certain strength, so it is not recommended to zero resistance riding.

6. When you get started, you don't need to force yourself to keep up with the coach's rhythm. Instead, you must follow your own physical conditions. You can follow the music rhythm and the coach's guidance to find the best resistance and rhythm.