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Misuse Of Ellipsometer
- Apr 18, 2018 -

1) The greater the resistance, the better the effect. (×)

Before using the ellipsometer for training, you must first adjust the appropriate seats and handrails according to your height. When using the ellipsometer, you must start with the lowest strength and do not directly dial the highest resistance position. If very large resistance is used at the outset, smelters will often feel very tired and stop moving, which is actually not conducive to stimulating muscle growth or fat consumption.

2) The exercise time is within 30 minutes. (×)

The trajectory of the ellipsometer is elliptical. It does not have an emergency stop motion. It is relatively gentle in use and can effectively protect the joints. Generally speaking, the exercise intensity is not as large as the treadmill. Therefore, the best time to persist is 30 minutes or longer. The fat loss effect.

3) Feet out of the pedal

Many people easily run away from the pedals with their feet and support the body with their toes to exercise. This position is absolutely wrong! The body straightens the core and keeps the knees and lower legs in a slightly curved arc.

4) Shrugging or with back movement. (×)

Because the use of ellipsometry requires hands and feet and can be used to achieve the desired exercise effect, many morticians will unknowingly squat shoulders to exercise. First, correct the bad habit of shrugging your shoulders and keep your upper body straight. Avoid shrugging shoulders, backs, or excessive back pressure to damage your back. In addition, whenever possible, keep your head as straight as possible. Do not raise your head too much. When you exercise, lift your heel as much as possible. Keep your arms slightly bent and your wrists not to bend too much.

5) Incompatible hands and feet. (×)

Some exercisers mistakenly use the ellipsometer as a treadmill. When exercising, only the legs are firm. Arms are only used to stabilize the leg, or simply do not support the armrest. When using the ellipsometer to exercise, if the coordination of hands and feet is not coordinated, the more tense the body becomes, the stronger the confrontation between the upper and lower limbs will be, and the result will be discordant, and it may be due to uncoordinated movements, fatigue, strained muscles, and even falls. .

6) Single use elliptical machine fitness. (×)

When performing strength training, if you repeat the same movement every day, the body will gradually adapt to this repetitive movement, but the calories burned will be less and less, and you will inevitably enter the “training platform zone”, that is, training. The effect stagnated. The ellipsometer's exercise intensity is relatively small. If you want to get the ideal fitness effect faster, running, cycling, and ellipsometry exercise alternately is a good choice. In addition to constantly changing the way of aerobic fitness, it is necessary to continuously adjust the intensity of training. In this way, the body can gradually adapt to the alternate state of high-intensity exercise and rest and rest, and receive a significant fitness effect.