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Marathon Getting Started Guide
- Apr 29, 2018 -

Knowledge point: Marathon-Mysterious 42.195

Who created it?

This unlucky number 42.195

The Greek War broke out on September 12, 490 BC, and the Athenians finally won a victory against aggression. In order to let the hometown people know the good news of victory as soon as possible, the commander Milady sent a “Scued” Feidi Pitz back to report.

Who knows that he ran home and just told everyone that he would hang himself.

In commemoration of this event, at the modern Olympic Games held in 1896, a marathon race was set up, and the distance that Fidelitz sent to the letter - 42.195 kilometers - was used as a distance.

Knowledge point:Marathon-Black marathon

It's the highest realm where you're running out of black

Now teach you how to take a good step

Pace: refers to the time used per kilometer, such as: 5 distribution speed = 5 minutes / km = 12 km / h, and so on.

Pee: Hey, there is a toilet for the toilet, a tree for the tree, a wall for the wall...

Hit the wall / lose power: In the game or training, the speed dropped significantly, or even stopped directly.

Closed: It means that the game did not finish at the time required by the tournament.

PB (Personal best): personal best.

PW (Personal worst): Personal worst score.

SB (Season best): best season.

LB (League best): The league's best results, can be understood as the best running team?

Row acid run: refers to the recovery of jogging after a race or heavy training to remove body lactate

(Pace Maker): The leader, originally referred to as the marathon, provided the stable pace to the players who scored in the results, and now refers to the leader.

Knowledge point:Marathon-The first preparation before the whole horse

Under what circumstances

Can you go to your first full horse?

First of all, make sure you are a normal person


1. Take a comprehensive physical examination

2. After a longer period of system training (ie, less than three times a week, and less than 30 minutes per workout)

3. Do not feel moderate pain in the chest when doing mild activities

4. Did not commit a heart attack within a year

5. Does not suffer from heart disease, myocarditis, hypertension, diabetes and other diseases

6. The men's BMI index does not exceed 30, and women do not exceed 28, that is, people who are obese may not participate in the marathon.

BMI = Weight (kg) Height (m) Squared

7. Not suffering from acute infectious diseases

Do adaptive training before the game


Friends who have no long-term exercise habits,

Do not try to participate in a marathon.


Pre-match mental and physical preparation


1. It is recommended that you first try to run a half horse before you participate in the first time.

2. Do a good job of protecting the footsteps. Trim the toenails and ankles of the foot. Wounds and ulcers need to be treated at the hospital.

3. Running a marathon is a challenge to a person's mental and physical fitness. However, we must aim at safety as the primary goal. Therefore, we must learn to "give up." (If you can't run, don't even move)