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Maintenance Of The Treadmill
- Nov 09, 2017 -

1. Clean the fuselage regularly and dust underneath the fuselage. Cotton soft cloth is recommended to rub gently. Do not use an acidic cleanser.

2. Regularly check whether there is any foreign body between the running belt and the running plate; If a foreign body is found, it should be cleared immediately.

It is suggested that under the treadmill, the use of dedicated sports mats, on the one hand can eliminate the noise of running, protection of the floor, on the other hand can effectively prevent dust and foreign matter into the motor box or running and running between the board.

3. Check the tightness of the running belt regularly, and whether there is a deviation phenomenon.

4. Check the emergency braking function of the treadmill regularly to ensure that it is safe and effective.

5. Apply silicone oil regularly between running strips and running plates, and make sure the running belt runs smoothly.

How to use the treadmill fitness for the most scientific training before eating something, fasting exercise is easy to cause exercise anemia, drink a cup of juice before exercise, or eat a banana, you will be able to exercise full strength, but do not eat junk food, such as doughnuts.

Choose a quick Start mode: Good running opportunity preset a set of procedures, when you run, just follow the prompts to enter the data, you can choose different exercise methods, such as "Reducing fat Mode", "cardiopulmonary function Mode", "Mountaineering Mode", "Random mode" and so on. The Quick Start mode can adjust the intensity of the motion at any time.

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