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Incorrect Movement Is Easy To Hurt
- Apr 27, 2018 -

The popularity of treadmills is not groundless. In the home without any obstacles to ease the run, do not need to consider external factors. You do not have to worry about the adequacy of the daylight on the treadmill, whether the street is cold, whether there will be a car rush, or the stranger on the street is approaching you. For most fitness people, treadmills are the best way to exercise routinely, burn fat and stay healthy.

However, the convenient treadmill experience often makes people ignore hidden threats, especially sports injuries. Sports injuries are common, and even if you are not on a treadmill, running on the road will also hurt you.

injured because I forgot most basic common sense

Some of the most common treadmill-induced sports injuries are caused by runners forgetting about the basics of treadmills. Before you go on a treadmill, you need to take safety precautions, just as you would do before you run. For example, warm-up before running, recovery after running. After the run, it does not shut down, it is easy to have a fracture and sprain an ankle tragedy. Some runners do not tie their shoes after they get on the machine. Laces can easily get caught in the slot of the running belt or they step on themselves. This can also cause fractures or sprains. In addition, when running, you must always look at the front, do not bow, or the body can not maintain balance.

So don't forget:

Warm up before you run.

When you finish or you want to rest, you have to run the gym.

Make sure your laces are fastened.

Look straight ahead as you run and keep your body in balance.

Dehydration and dehydration

Simulating a road run on a treadmill means that you need to take similar precautions, such as calming and recovering after running, to make the sport more effective. Runners always have problems with dehydration. Whether running on a treadmill or on the road, replenishing water and changing from running to brisk walking during replenishment to cool your body. One of the advantages of a treadmill is that the water bottle is readily available.

Runners also need to ensure adequate protein intake during exercise to avoid muscle damage. The lack of protein in the daily diet can lead to physical paralysis during and after exercise. Running on the treadmill is the same as running on the road, so in the daily diet Chinese medicine ensures the intake of large amounts of healthy ingredients, such as protein.

So don't forget:

Have plenty of water on hand.

There must be sufficient protein in the diet.

Injury caused by two careless

Running on a treadmill allows you to stay with your mobile phone or other electronic device. This may lead to inattention and injury. Most people usually jog for a while after getting on the machine and run a little faster. In the acceleration phase, sending text messages, making telephone calls, and even using electronic products can result in serious sports injuries.

Experienced road runners all know that listening to music while running is easy to distract, which can cause potential sports injuries, because you will not be able to hear the movements and noise on the road, nor will you be wary of the dangers that surround you. The treadmill can be protected from the external environment. Runners can listen to music at ease, but do not be distracted by other things. Sending text messages, talking on the phone, or watching TV can lead to possible serious injuries.

So don't forget:

Try not to distract.

Send less text messages or other things to avoid injury.

Tibia pain and stress fracture

Excessive movement in any environment can lead to painful bone fractures and stress fractures. Many runners will mistake the stress fracture of the leg for the pain of the shinbone, thinking that it will be fine to survive. But in fact, the two are not the same, and all require proper treatment.

Excessive exercise can result in pain in the jawbone, which is a tingling pain in the lower leg every time you put on a running shoe. If the pain disappears over time, and you can wear shoes without hindrance, it means that your bone pain has healed. But if walking on hard ground still hurts, then you are likely to have a stress fracture. If the pain persists, seek medical attention immediately, otherwise the situation will be worse.

So don't forget:

Pain in the legs to heart.

Tibia pain is self-healing.

Stress fractures require medical attention.

Broken leg and dislocation

Treadmills are devices designed for walking, jogging or running. Some common knee, hip, and leg fractures are caused by runners forcing a jump on a treadmill. The treadmill's running belt movement is imitating the road surface. If you add other sports while running, you can imagine that it will be easy to hurt.

Exercise on a treadmill, you can completely control their own speed, exercise environment and so on. You can adjust uphill, downhill, and imitate the road under bad weather conditions. In any case, the treadmill brings a more complete exercise experience. However, if proper safety precautions are not taken, sports injuries will still occur under perfect running conditions.

Irresponsible sports injuries can occur on road runs and treadmills. Pay attention to safe exercise and avoid unnecessary injuries. Focus on your workout and don't take it lightly to make sure it runs safely!