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How To Use The Treadmill Correctly
- Mar 31, 2018 -

1. Steps to stabilize

When we officially start running, we must maintain a proper and reasonable running posture.

A reasonable running posture can reduce knee impact by 25%. The key points of the specific running posture are as follows:

(1) Control the position of the ankle when landing, as far as possible directly below the knee, or slightly behind;

(2) The tribal site of the foot is controlled in the forefoot, and in particular the center of gravity is best placed in the position of the forefoot between the big toe and the two toes;

(3) To control the stability of the body, do not shake it from side to side, and do not excessively swing the arm during running, and step forward excessively.

2. Clothes to wear, fully equipped

Most home-use treadmills are used at home because many people do not pay much attention to running gear, such as running shoes, sportswear, etc. This is actually wrong. When running outdoors, we will wear windproof jackets, shock-absorbing running shoes and run indoors at home. We should also be so.

Like some people running barefoot, this is the most taboo may also wear the soles of the feet, damage the ankle. Therefore, you must wear lightweight sportswear and sneakers when running on a treadmill. Normal runners choose to wear comfortable running shoes, and low arch and high archers choose appropriate shoes.

3. Combination of aerobic and interval training

For the runners, the constant running will reduce the interest in running, and is always a kind of exercise mode, which is boring and boring. In an unconscious state, excessive exercise can also lead to excessive injuries, which are called repetitive strain injuries. Therefore, professional training programs are needed to help achieve better training results.

The techtop treadmill has a variety of running modes. You can choose your own training program, speed and slope, simulate running, climbing, climbing, etc. to enrich your training and combine aerobic and intermittent training.

4. Do not ignore data records during training

Some people think that in order to lose weight, the more they run, the better. In fact, excessive running is not good for the body. From the strength point of view, 180 minus the number of age is a relatively safe heart rate number per minute, and if it is the number of the first runner, it needs to be reduced further. In addition, during this process, runners should also pay attention to their own heart rate data. The techtop treadmill has a heart rate handle and can record heart rate, distance, calorie consumption data, etc. while running.

Only when you know the relevant data during your training can you achieve better training goals and achieve training results.

5. Run at home, but also remember to warm up

Prepare for warm-ups before each exercise, as well as at home. Warm-up before running mainly includes stretching waist and leg muscles and ligaments, and active knee ankle joints. The warm-up time is about five or six minutes. After the treadmill is on the way, it is necessary to walk slowly and jog again. Then it is a quick run. The time for slow walking and jogging adds up to 5 or 6 minutes. At the end of the run, you also have to slow down and you can't stop right away.