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How To Run On A Treadmill?
- Mar 15, 2018 -

In addition to environmental differences, the biggest difference between treadmills and road runs.

The first point is the running position - treadmill has a track drive, so the running position is less than the road to run forward. Therefore, it is recommended that the treadmill be set to a slope of 1-2 so that the running power of the road running can be simulated.

The second point is the speed control. You can control the speed by yourself. If you feel tired, you will slow down. However, on the treadmill you need to follow the speed of the track. Many people are too lazy to adjust the speed even if they are tired. Therefore, it is very important to choose the right treadmill speed.

1.Real-time monitoring of heart rate running

When we lose weight runners run treadmills, it is best to use the heart rate range as the standard, not the speed - do not ask me to run 7 or 8, even at the same speed, in the first minute you start running, And when you run for 40 minutes, your heart rate is different. Well, the best way is to bring a watch or heart rate belt with heart rate monitoring function - such as iWatch. When you run, look at the heart rate from time to time. If you exceed the target range, manually slow down the treadmill and let the heart rate fall within the target range.

2.Diligent in adjusting speed

Treadmill running itself is very boring. If you run to the end of a speed, not only will you feel that there is no challenge and change, but also may be "run with" the treadmill in the second half of fatigue, resulting in deformation of the running posture, Injury accumulated. The requirement for aerobic running is within the aerobic heart rate range, and the aerobic range is about 59%-84% of the reserve heart rate. The space in this area is actually very large. Take me personally as an example, the quiet heart rate is 44, the maximum heart rate is 196, and my aerobic heart rate range is 133-171. In this interval, I can run about 7-10 on the treadmill. So, when you are running on a treadmill, don't be too lazy and diligently adjust speed. For example, the first 10 minutes are slower and start with 7.5; then, begin to add a little speed, to 8-8.5, run for 20 minutes, and monitor the heart rate from time to time to ensure that there is no drift; in the last 10 minutes, if the heart rate exceeds the interval, it will decrease. Speed, let the heart rate ease down, if the heart rate is still ok, you can accelerate the sprint. This kind of running will be a lot of fun, and will be more comfortable and more sense of accomplishment.