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How To Buy A Home Treadmill
- Apr 10, 2018 -

What kind of person needs a treadmill?

First: You have good physical exercise habits, like running or for weight loss, for good looking, self-control that can force you to run and persistence perseverance.

Second: Friends with poor outdoor environment can consider buying a treadmill. Such as air quality, for example, there is no suitable place for running around, such as two times a year under the rain, a half a year, another six months this, buy a treadmill is indeed a healthier and safer way of exercise.


1, can not have the kind of display with a large screen, even if the treadmill is not facing the TV, but who did not have a flat, not a big screen mobile phone, ah, the monitor on the treadmill effect really unheardly, more sad reminder because the bracket Not high enough. When you want to see it, you have to bow. Do you not want to end up with a cervical spine problem because of running?

2, can adjust the gradient. According to scientific research, when the treadmill's slope is between 2 and 5 degrees, the pressure and damage to the joints of the knee and ankle can be the smallest.

3, buy a speed adjustment is more intuitive. After knowing the answers from several big gods, it should be known that HIIT (I understand that high and low intensity circulating aerobics) exercise is the best for weight loss and fat loss. For example, 500 meters at a low speed, 500 meters at a medium or high speed crossover, then your treadmill should have a very intuitive speed and health. You just need to use your finger to gently click rather than increase or decrease. When you breathe like a dog, you will never like the experience.

4, buy a running belt a bit wider and longer. I don't know what other people are doing. When I'm running, if I look ahead, I'll be able to run sideways. Running belts that are longer and wider can indeed be more comfortable, at least not always worrying about falling.

5, if you live upstairs, in order to avoid neighborhood disputes, buy a quiet bar, and then cushion the following, try not to run too early, too late or noon.