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How To Avoid Not Using After Buying A Treadmill
- Apr 07, 2018 -

Many people have the idea that if they buy a treadmill, they will be forced to develop the habit of running. Bai Fumei and Gao Fushua are no longer dreams. But the outcome is often counterproductive. Xiaobian thinks the main reason is that treadmill is a product that violates human nature. Some people call it Dreadmill (literally translated as a horror grinder) is definitely not groundless.

Taking a treadmill to develop a running fitness habit is like a person who should wear an L-code but is actually impulsively buying a piece of S-code clothes. The final outcome can be imagined. It is recommended to develop a running habit first and then use a treadmill to assist in training. This is more practical. Before purchasing a treadmill, it is advisable to ask yourself the following questions. If there is a negative answer, it is not recommended to make a purchase decision.

1. What is my running goal and can I stick to it for three months?

2. If I can only run on a treadmill, can I stick to it?

3. If only 1 hour a day, do I know how the treadmill helped me achieve my training goals?

4. If I don't want to use a treadmill after a month, do I know how to dispose of it?

5. If the budget is not enough for me to buy the right treadmill, will it take time to run outdoors?

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