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How To Adjust Your Spinning Bike
- Apr 19, 2018 -

In general, there are three places where a fixed bicycle must be adjusted: seat height, front and rear of the seat, and handlebar height.


Seat height adjustment

Standing on the side of the bicycle rear seat. Raise the thigh near one side of the seat so that the thigh is parallel to the ground. The height of the seat should be the same as the height of the front thigh.

Use the knob to adjust and change the height of the seat.


Front and rear seat adjustment

Get in the seat and step on the foot at three o'clock, parallel to the ground. The line at the widest point of the forefoot knee and the sole of the foot is perpendicular to the ground. (Looking down from the knee, you can see the widest position of the sole.)

Adjust the front and rear of the seat and observe it on the train to find the best place for you.


Handle height adjustment

The height of the handlebars can be adjusted according to your personal softness and back condition. It can be comfortable according to personal preference.

If you are a newbie, or if you have an injury in the lower back but not during the disease, it is recommended that the handlebars be relatively high.

If you have some training experience, good flexibility and no lower back pain, you can lower the position of the handlebar, about the same height as the seat front end.


After adjusting the bicycle, confirm that each adjustment knob has been locked;

The feet are comfortably fixed in the pedals, the widest position of the forefoot is placed on the center of the pedal shaft, and the toe does not have to step on the entire pedal. Tighten your pedal ropes;

Fasten the laces! If the shoelace is too long, it must be fixed. If the shoelace rolls into the axle, it will be dangerous!

Riding posture

When you adjust the height of the seat, the front and rear of the seat, and the height of the handlebars, sit on a bicycle.

Push the foot crank to a position perpendicular to the ground. There should be a range of 25-35 degrees before and after the knees are straightened.

Step on the wheel under the foot, the entire treading track is a circle.

Tread the wheels under your feet. Imagine that your feet are drawing a circle. The whole body should be relaxed. There is no discomfort at the waist or knees.


During the ride, the shoulders and abdomen are taken in, and the treading rhythm at the foot is concerned;

When riding, hands can't leave the handlebars, nor do push-ups, left-right swings, etc.

With these rules in mind, you can safely go to the gym and start your cycling training course. After all, spinning crazy and fueling, even a less extroverted person, affected by the atmosphere of the bicycle compartment, can play with every cell in the body and follow it.