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From What Perspective Should We Choose The Treadmill
- Apr 02, 2018 -

1. Durability

Durability is directly related to the life of the treadmill. After use, if the treadmill can't stand still, then the follow-up experience is quite bad. Not only does it have to be moved in and out to be repaired, but it also cannot continue to exercise. Therefore, when you purchase a home treadmill, don't plan to pay for it. Follow-up maintenance costs are enough for you to buy a new one.

2 .run belt width

This item directly affects the sense of smooth running. With a small width, your foot's range of focus will also be drawn.

General treadmill width is 42cm (for students), 45cm (home, public standard, not too fat), 48cm (high cost-effective for home use, suitable for a certain increase in weight), 50cm-52cm (with high weight, unless weight More than 100kg, otherwise completely without questioning, how to run on this want to run, 52cm is an enjoyment!)

3 .See continuous output horsepower

This one can also look at the product parameters, continuous horsepower, small two also give you a reference, a horsepower can provide 50 to 60 kg of carrying weight, so, home starting treadmill continuous output power should be controlled at 1-1.5 Between the weight; fat 150 pounds or more, can be considered between 2-2.5.

4 shock mute

Treadmills with a good quality will inevitably hurt the knees if they run for a long time. If a treadmill has a strong shock absorber system, it can protect the knee joints well and reduce the noise, so you don't need to worry about the neighbors. Troubled. Therefore, when choosing a treadmill, focus on the brand's shock absorption.