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Four Advantages Of Treadmills
- Apr 07, 2018 -

1. Running on a treadmill is safer than running on the ground. Running opportunities provide good shock absorption. When running, the knee bears the greatest pressure from the human body, especially when running on non-plastic floors, and more pressure is exerted on the knee due to irregularities in the ground or bends. Running on uneven ground for a long time can cause knee and ankle injuries.

2. More effort on the treadmill. Running requires one of the two feet to force hard and provide an upward and forward force, allowing the body to have a forward speed and an upward height. In the process, the entire person needs to vacate the air for a moment. . Running on a treadmill, however, can omit some of the forward force because the treadmill's motor will give the runners a certain amount of forward effort, so running on the treadmill will be less laboring than running on the ground. Secondly, running on a treadmill can basically be seen as running against self-gravity, while running on the ground is not just running against self-gravity, but also outside wind speed, ground friction and other external factors.

3. Running on a treadmill can achieve human-machine dialogue. Running on a treadmill will allow runners to know their speed, time, heart rate, and calorie consumption. Knowing this data will allow them to adapt to their own physical activity.

4. Running on a treadmill also allows for better training of the correct running position, especially for walking. All of us now running should generally be to achieve the exercise of the core muscles, thereby preventing or treating spine diseases such as lumbar spine and cervical spine caused by disuse. This requires the transfer of force from the lower limbs to the lower back, rotating the pelvis and shoulder blades. Using the various modes on the treadmill, such as changes in slope, speed changes, combination changes, etc., it is easier to appreciate the feeling of force at the site. It is recommended that you also install a mirror around your home treadmill to make our running posture more beautiful and the effect more healthy.