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Elliptical Machine Common Misunderstanding
- Mar 31, 2018 -

1. The greater the resistance, the better. (×)

Before using the elliptical machine for training, you must first adjust the appropriate seat, handrails, etc. according to your height, use the lowest intensity first, do not directly dial the highest resistance stalls. If very large resistance is used at the outset, smelters will often feel very tired and stop moving, which is actually not conducive to stimulating muscle growth or fat consumption.

2. Increasing the speed is equal to increasing the training intensity. (×)

Taking into account the increased resistance of the footboard or the footsteps of the footboard is the correct method to increase the training intensity of the elliptical. At the beginning, increasing the speed can increase the training intensity. There is no doubt that, but when the speed increases to a certain degree, you lose control of the pedals and let it rotate quickly with inertia. It can be imagined that the calorie consumption will definitely decrease. In addition, the faster the speed, the more easily it hurts. By increasing the pedal resistance, you can effectively increase the training intensity; increasing the pace allows you to exercise to different parts of the thigh muscle.

3. The exercise time is within 30 minutes. (×)

The elliptical machine's trajectory is elliptical. It does not have an emergency stop action. It is relatively gentle in use and can effectively protect the joints. In general, the exercise intensity is not as large as a treadmill. If the joints are not good, and the physical quality is relatively poor, like to ease the little movement, the elliptical machine is more suitable. Because the intensity of the elliptical machine is relatively small, it is not difficult to insist on exercising for more than 30 minutes, and it can easily keep the heart rate at 130 beats/minute or more. Second, the use of an elliptical machine to exercise the decompression of the knee, ankle joints, it is not easy to cause joint strain.

4. Shrugging or with a back movement. (×)

Because the use of elliptical machines requires hands and feet and can be used in order to achieve the desired exercise effect, many morians will practice their practice and will consciously shrug their shoulders to exercise. First, correct the bad habit of shrugging shoulders and keep your upper body straight. Avoid shrugging shoulders, backs, or excessive back pressure to damage your back. In addition, whenever possible, keep your head as straight as possible. Do not raise your head too much. When you exercise, lift your heel as much as possible. Keep your arms slightly bent and your wrists not to bend too much.

5. Incompatibility between hands and feet. (×)

Coach Ouyang said that he often sees some exercisers mistakenly using the elliptical machine as a treadmill in the gym. When exercising, only the legs are strong. The arms only play a stable role under the leg or simply do not support the armrests. When using the elliptical machine to exercise, if the coordination of hands and feet is not coordinated, the more tense the body becomes, the stronger the confrontation between the upper and lower limbs will be, the result will be lost and the others may also be fatigued due to uncoordinated movements, strained muscles and even falls. .

6. Single use of elliptical fitness. (×)

When performing strength training, if you repeat the same movement every day, the body will gradually adapt to this repetitive movement, but the calories burned will be less and less, and you will inevitably enter the “training platform zone”, that is, training. The effect stagnated. The elliptical machine has relatively little exercise intensity. If you want to get the ideal fitness effect more quickly, it is a good choice to alternate running, cycling, and elliptical exercise. In addition to constantly changing the way of aerobic fitness, it is necessary to continuously adjust the intensity of training. In this way, the body can gradually adapt to the alternate state of high-intensity exercise and rest and rest, and receive a significant fitness effect.