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Elliptical History
- Mar 31, 2018 -

In 1965, Nordic Finland Tangteli created the world’s first household elliptical machine, and the designers changed it according to the principle of the transmission belt. The birth of this treadmill represents the real home treadmill in the modern sense. People in Europe and the United States began to accept home running. However, the start of the treadmill can only go on the top, running a bit uncomfortable.

In 1969, Nordic Finland Tanger was born to be the world's first heart rate training treadmill. The installation of heart rate monitoring on treadmills is a pioneering activity in the world, which points the way for the development of fitness equipment in the world. The heart rate is the best in human body during exercise. The monitor, in Europe and the United States, monitors heart rate control of exercise intensity and scientific fitness is a very popular concept. Heart rate fitness has also become a very important fitness indicator. In China, only a few athletes are aware of monitoring their exercise intensity. By controlling your exercise heart rate within a reasonable target range, you can easily achieve weight loss while avoiding the harm caused by exercise transition. What's more, exercise can improve people's cardiopulmonary function. Proper exercise can persist for a long time, which can reduce the occurrence of various diseases.

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